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510 Vape Cartridge (Openvape Compatible) 1.0ml

510 Vape Cartridge (Openvape Compatible) 1.0ml


Synergy of Nature Pre-filled Vape Pen 600mg

Synergy of Nature Pre-filled Vape Pen 600mg


Hemp Company Key Box Battery

hemp co battery


Ego II 2200mAh Battery



Aspire K1 Tank / Atomizer

Aspire K1


Did you know?

At least 30% of the CBD and THC in marijuana are lost when smoking a "joint". Vaporizers work on a similar principle to smoking, however their function is to preserve the beneficial compounds such as CBD. Vaping is believed to be healthier, and more effective than smoking, as there is no combustion in the process, leaving the bioavailability of the CBD compounds more readily available.

Users have several options, such as pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges, or cbd e-liquids.

Cartridges are the easiest option, simply dispose of the cartridge once you are done with it. Vaporizers with refillable chambers allow users to customize their own blend of cbd liquids.

With constant improvements in technology, vaping gives the user greater control over the active compounds they are inhaling. They can adjust the vaping temperature to customize fuller-body and longer-lasting effects.

As a result, vape users are able to ingest the CBD without the potential harmful effects of smoking.